History of Telangana in English [Download PDF]


As we all know that Telanagana is a new state formed on June 2nd 2014, and the Youngest State in the Union of India. However, Telangana, as an economic, social, cultural and historical entity has a glorious history of at least two thousand five hundred years or more (2500 years). The reference to Asmaka Janapada, part of present Telangana, as one of the 16 Janapadas in ancient India proves that there exist​ed an advanced stage of society. Here we have collected about the History of Telangana, from the pre-history to the new state formation. You can even download the PDF Telugu version and also have a look at English Version.

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History of Telangana in English

History of Telangana in English

The History and Formation of Telangana includes:

Pre-history (Up to 1000 BCE)

Pre-Satavahanas (1000 BCE – 300 BCE)

Satavahanas (250 BCE – 200 CE)

Post-Satavahana (200 CE – 950 CE)

Kakatiyas (950 CE – 1323 CE)

Post-Kakatiya Interregnum (1323 – 1496)

Qutbshahis (1496 – 1687)

Asaf Jahis (1724-1948)


First Telangana Movement

1969 Telangana Agitation

Final Telangana Movement

Intensifying the movement

State Formation

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