Step by step procedure on How apply Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme Online


After the formation of the new Telangana state many schemes have been launched by the newly formed Telangana state government. One of the most useful schemes for middle and lower middle-class people is Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam. This scheme is available for all SC, ST and OBC. Soon the government has scaled this pathakam to OC and other castes who have less income. To avail this Kalyana Lakshmi scheme, the applicant needs to satisfy few conditions mentioned by the Government. One of the most useful scheme Kalyana Lakshmi gives financial assistance to the newly marrying girls. Here we have the complete procedure on how to apply for Kalyana Lakshmi online and the list of required documents to avail the scheme.

According to Kalyana Lakshmi scheme, the newly marrying brides will get Rs.51,000/- Rs. 75,000 (later the financial assistance has been increased). There are few guidelines which the applicant or the bride need to follow to avail this financial assistance from the Telangana government. Kalyana Lakshmi has been getting an immense response from the lower middle class and from people who has less annual income. This scheme aims to financially support marriages for those needy.

It is to be noted that financial assistance will be given if and only if,

  1. Candidate income should meet the government mentioned amount
  2. Marriage is bride’s first marriage
  3. Photo and invitation card proof should be submitted

How to Apply for Kalyana Lakshmi

procedure to apply kalyana lakshmi online

Everyone applying for this scheme need to know some basic guidelines. To avail, this financial assistance one apply online or go to the nearest mee-Seva Center.

To apply online go to

Before navigating to the official site, check the documents and details needed:

  1. SSC Details of the girl (Only if bride studied till SSC, it is not mandatory).
  2. Aadhar Number of the bride
  3. Bride’s mother name (as per bank account)
  4. Bride’s mother Aadhar Number
  5. Income Certificate
  6. Meeseva Caste Certificate
  7. Bride Bank account details (optional).
  8. Bride’s mother bank account details (Important) (Any Bank)
  9. Date, place and address of marriage

And the documents needed are:

  1. 1st Marriage confirmation
  2. VRO/Panchayath Secretary Approval Certificate
  3. Bride’s Photo
  4. Age proof certificate
  5. Bride’s Scanned Aadhar Copy
  6. Bride Groom’s Scanned Aadhar Copy
  7. Bride Mother’s Scanned Bank pass book
  8. Bride’s Scanned Bank pass book

Please keep the details and documents mentioned while applying to avoid any disturbances.

Now it’s time to apply online. Proceed to Official website of Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi online.

how to apply for telangana kalyana lakshmi

The application looks something like the above image. Please fill all the details correctly of Bride and Bride Groom. Double check the Bank details and Aadhar Numbers.

Once the application is filled, take the out the application print and keep it safe for future reference. Once the Kalyana Lakshmi application is verified the amount will be credited in to Bride’s mother bank account or in some cases, a check will be sent to the home address. This whole process usually takes upto 30 days. So please be patient once you have filled the application.