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Telangana has culture history of 5000 years, telangana ruled by shatavahana dynasty, telangan has been ruled by many dynasties in telangana so many histocal places are here to see now a days. Telangana has ruled by kakatiya dynasty also in that period they ruled telangana very well in that time rani Rudrama Devi famous queen of telangana in kakatiya ruled time they made 1000 stones pillar poles in that time telangana capital Warangal (orugallu) after kakatiya dynasty, Muslim kings has come to rule telangana Qutb shahi and Asafjahi dynasty they also ruled telangana very well their time they made historical places in telangana their period Hyderabad capital of telangana.

Telangana culture

Telangana majority people speaks Telugu and Urdu before 1948 Urdu was official language of telangana and some of the tribal peoples speaks their mother tongue. when was the Hyderabad state joined in republic of India that date to telugu language became official lounge to telangana, government of telangana also following telugu and Urdu language also but majority using telugu only.

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Telangana poets

Telangana has legendary poets quli qutb shah was first shaheb-e-diwan Urdu. Telugu poets pothana, kancharla gopana (bhakta rama dasu), mallaya ranchana, gona budda reddy,palakuri somanatha, mallinatha suri, and early poets also here Padma bhushan kaloji narayana rao, sahitya academe award recipient dasharathi krishnama charyulu and gnana pitha award recipient c. narayana reddy and ninth prime minister of P.V Narsimha rao and more named poets also have in telangana.

Telangana religions

Telangana majority people follows Hinduism and Islam also second majority religion in telangana. Buddhism signs also here in telangana nagarjunamount; Buddhists stayed here at 6th century now their signs also there in nagarjunakonda. Famous temple narsimhaswamy temple at yadagirigutta this is telangana oldest temple now telangana government has changed name as yadadri, siva temple also famous in telangana mostly kakatiyadynysti worshiped very well to siva, siva famous temple at Warangal thousand pillar they made this temple with pure stone still can see that at Warangal. British government was taken permission from Nizams to build church at medak, medak church one of the famous place in telangana. Quli qutb shah time they made mecca masjid and charminar also this is famous historical place in telangana and jainmandir also here in kolanupaka near aleru this is also famous historical place in telangana.

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Telangana pilgrimages

Telangana has famous pilgrimages. Out state people also comes to visit telangana temples one of the famous temple yadagirigutta has in telangana in there Lakshmi narasimhaswamy famous. And basarasaraswathi temple, bhadrachelamramalayam, medak church, mecca masjid, salarjung museum, nagarjunasagar, warangalramappa temple thousand pillar temple and more than places have here in telangana.

Bathukamma festival famous in telangana, all telangana Hindu people makes bathukamma with flowers they puts bathukamma middle Govri Devi they makes with turmeric in that time they lives with holy heart. Telangana government every year officially arranges to celebrate bathukammafestival that times every womanparticipates to celebrate bathukamma festival.

Samakka and sarakkajathara very famous in telangana this is a tribal festival and telangana government celebrates this festival officially. This festival celebrates every two years once a time. this place have in medaram at warangal district.

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Pochampally and sircilla cloths are famous in telangana here to they exports cloths other states and country, saree and dhoti traditional dress to telangana people since 1947 that time and more past years every telangana people wears pochampally and sircillacloths. Pochampally and sircilla dress maker people has good brand name they are exports saree and dhotis to other state and country.

Folk’s songs and oggu stories are famous in telangana last years back every telangana people going to watch oggu stories with their performance, oggu people people gives show with dance and acting, some other kalakar gives sivathandam dance performance to telangana people that time. Still oggu people giving performance at ruler areas.

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