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Also, after the bifurcation, companies will pay their portion of taxes to Telangana or present day Andhra Pradesh depending on where they operate (Before bifurcation, lot of companies were paying their taxes in capital city Hyderabad even for their operations in Seemandhra).

Proponents of a separate Telangana state cite perceived injustices in the distribution of water budget allocations, and jobs.

Within the state of Andhra Pradesh, 68.5% of the catchment area of the Krishna River and 69% of the catchment area of the Godavari River are in the plateau region of Telangana and flowing through the other parts of the state into Bay of Bengal.

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Telangana and non coastal parts of Karnataka and Maharastra states form Deccan Plateau.

Telangana supporters state that 74.25% ofirrigation water through the canal system under major irrigation projects goes to the Coastal Andhra region, while Telangana gets 18.20%.

The remaining 7.55% goes to the Rayalaseema region.

As per Volume-II of Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal Award, “The area which we are considering for irrigation formed part of Hyderabad State and had there been no division of that State, there were better chances for the residents of this area to get irrigation facilities in Mahboobnagar District”.

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