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According to the Backward Regions Grant Fund 2009-10, 13 backward districts are located in Andhra Pradesh: nine (all except Hyderabad) are from Telangana and the rest are from other regions.

Proponents of a separate Telangana state feel that the agreements, plans, and assurances from the legislature and Lok Sabha over the last fifty years have not been honoured, and as a consequence Telangana has remained neglected, exploited and backward.

They allege that the experiment to remain as one state has proven to be a futile exercise and that separation is the best-solution.

Note: The above content has been sourced from news articles and articles. It can only be regarded as opinions of a few people rather than solid facts.

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Views of political parties between 2009 and 2013

Most of the parties in the state changed their stand about Telangana statehood several times.

Here are the stands taken by various parties in the sate when the movement was at its peak between 2009 and 2013. Congress party, the ruling party at center, took its final decision to go ahead with creating the Telangana state in July 2013.

(a) Parties which were in favor of Telangana state before 9 December 2009, but changed the stand to neutral on 10th December 2009, the day the process for formation of Telangana state was announced by central government and later retracted on 23 December.

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(b) After 9 December 2009, Jagan Mohan Reddy as a Congress MP opposed the Telangana state formation. After he formed the YSR Congress party, it adopted a neutral stand.

(c) The Praja Rajyam Party of actor-politician Chiranjeevi was against the division of the state, but merged into the Congress in 2011.

(d) The Lok Satta adds that it will welcome the formation of a separate state as part of a comprehensive and amicable solution. It, however, states that the real issue is to improve the lives of people irrespective of the formation of a separate state.

  1. e) During the all party meeting on 28 December 2012, TDP representatives gave a letter signed by its president to Home minister of India which said that the party had never withdrawn its letter to Pranab Mukherjee in 2008 which supported Telangana state formation.
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(f) MIM wants the state to remain united. If division is unavoidable, the party wants separate state of Rayala Telangana with Telangana & Rayalséema regions along with Hyderabad as capital. They oppose Hyderabad being declared as a union territory

(g) The Congress Working Committee (CWC) unanimously passed a resolution On 30 July to create the State of Telangana.

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