Telangana State Symbols


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Telangana is the newly formed state. After TRS party coming forming the government, they decided to select the state symbols which will reflect our culture and nativity. The state Animal, Tree, Bird, Flower, Songs has been officially declared by the Telangana government.

The symbols of the state are:

Animal: Jinka

Flower: Tangedupuvvu

Bird: Pala Pitta

Tree: Jammi Chettu

Below, I have given the Symbols list in English also.

Symbol – Telugu Name – English Name

The State Bird – Palapitta – Indian Roller or Blue Jay.
The State Animal – Jinka – Deer.
The State Tree – Jammi Chettu – Prosopis Cineraria.
The State Flower – Tangedu – Tanner’s Cassia.

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telangana-tangedu-flowerThese icons (symbols) reflect the culture and tradition of the Telangana state and three of them – Tangedu flowers, Blue Jay and Jammi Chettu – are associated with the popular festivals of Batukamma and Dasara.

While Tangedu flowers are used in stacking of Batukammas, the festival of Telangana state, spotting the Blue Jay on Dasara. Batukammas is a nine days festival long, and is considered as an good omen and people worship Jammi Chettu on that day.

Lord Rama spotted the Palapitta before invading Lanka and vanquished Ravana. Palapitta has been chosen to put Telangana on the path of victory.

telangana bird palapitta




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