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Telangana government every time releasing variants posts for telanganaun employees and giving chance to get job on telangana government. We are providing useful subject material for who were the persons applied for this group1 or group2 and any other competitive exams. Telangana government every time conducting exams with tspsc based.

Tspsc group 1 books

  1. Indian history
  2. Telangana history
  3. Indian economy
  4. Telangana economy
  5. Indian geography
  6. Telangana geography
  7. telangana culture
  8. Social issues and current affairs

Indian history for group 1

Who is preparing for group1 or group2 and other competitive exams they should prepare on indian history Harappa and mohenjodaro to Aryans and mourya, Chandra guptha, pataliputhra , ashokaand after indian rulers moghals, pandians, Cholas, history also important to all competitive exams and take grip on total Indian history it is helps you on examination time.

Telangana history for group 1

Telangana history who is preparing for group1 or group2 and other competitive exams that persons should learn about telangana history and rulers, telangana people ruled by shatavahana and kakatiya, east chalukyas, qutbshahi, asafjah, history also important to very competitive exam. In every telangana competitive exam tspsc asks repeatedly about telangana history.

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Indian economy for group 1

In every competitive exam they ask about Indian economy compulsory, how India growing up in economically and how much Indian government spends budget to Indian people protection and food, health, defense, industry and other activities. How much Indian industries getting finance profit and losing grow up rate. Mainly current affairs and general topics important on every competitive exam.

Telangana economy for group1

Telangana economy very important on competitive exams every time gives questions about telangana economy in telangana competitive exam. How much telangana government spending budget on telangana state in all categories and how much telangana government getting taxes from all categories and how telangana government growing up rate also important to exam, mainly everyone should learn about telangana economy.

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Indian geography for group 1

Indian geography is very important subject to groups and other competitive exams, everyone should know about Indian geography, India is very deferent country than other countries in India every each state people speaks their local language, India has 29 states they people speaks 29 languages each state one language but nation is one to all here in India so many deferent religions peoples also living in India, India is world second big population county, Pakistan , Bangladesh, Myanmar countries become parts of Indian since 1947 that countries left from India, this is important subject of groups exam.

Telangana geography for group 1

Telangana geography one of the important subject of groups exam everyone should know first about telangana geography, in the period of nizam and quliqutb shah time telangana state and Karnataka bidhar, maharastra some of the places belongs to telangana when was india got freedom 1947 that time Karnataka and maharastra states takeover that places from telangana and Andhra some of the place also belongs to telangana this is also left from telangana as like that telangana state very well ruled by quliqutb shah and nizam times.

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Telangana culture for Group 1

telangana has respectable culture oggukathalu, bhagavathagrama, sivathandavam, folks songs this is culture activities of telangana people and pochampally, sircilla, gadwall, saree and pattu dresses famous and tradition of telangana that time they people followed this type culture activities.

Social issues and current affairs for group 1

Every competitive person should follow social issues and current affair, in every competitive exam they will give questions on worldwide and india wide, telangana current affairs should know when before go exam. This is very important every competitive exam.

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