TSPSC: Telangana Movement from 1969 to 2013


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Here is the detailed notes on Telangana Movement:

The Telangana Movement refers to a people’s movement for the creation of a new state of Telangana, the existing state of Andhra Pradesh in South India.

In December 1953, the State Re organisation Commission was appointed to prepare for the creation for the states on the linguistic lines.

The commission, due to public demand, recommended disintegration of Hyderabad State and to merge Marathi speaking region with Bombay state and Kannada speaking region with Mysore state,

The State Reorganisation Commission (SRC) discussed pros and cons of the merger of Telugu speaking Telangana Region of Hyderabad State with Andhra Pradesh.

According to a paragraph in Article 374 of the SRC report ” The creation of Vishalandhra is an ideal to which numerous individuals and public bodies, both in Andhra and Telangana have been passionately attached over a long period of time, unless there are strong reasons to the contrary, this sentiment is entitles to consideration”.

Discussing the case of Telangana, paragraph 278 of the SRC report said “One of the principal causes of opposition of Vishalandhra also seems to be the apprehension felt by the educational backward people of Telangana that they may be swamped and exploited by the more advanced people of the coastal areas.”

In its final analysis SRC recommended against the immediate merger.

In paragraph 386 it said “after taking all these factors into consideration of a have come to the conclusion that it will be in the interest of Andhra as well as Telangana, if for the present, the Telangana area is two constitution to a separate state, which may be known as the Hyderabad state with provision for its unification with Andhra after the general elections likely to be held in our about 1961 is by a two thirds measured in the Legislature of the residuary Hyderabad state expresses itself in favour of such unification.

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