TSPSC: Telangana Movement from 1969 to 2013


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The share of education funding for Telangana ranges from 9.86% in the government aided primary schools to 37.85 percent in Government Degree colleges.

The above Numbers include the expenditure in Hyderabad. Budget allocations to Telangana are generally less than one third of the total Andhra Pradesh budget.

There are allegations that in the most tears, fund allocated to Telangana will never spend since 1956, Andhra Pradesh government established 11 new medical colleges in the state where in Seemandhra and 3 were in Telangana.  Telangana was not compensated for the lost opportunities because of inward Migration of lot of students in to Hyderabad from Seemandhra. According to professor Jayashankar only 20% of the total Government employees, less than 10% of employees in the secretariat, and less than 5% of the department heads in the Andhra Pradesh government are from Telangana those from the other regions make up the bulk of employment.

He also allege that the state was represented by Telangana chief minister for only 6 and half years out of over 5 decades of its existence, with no Chief Minister from the reason being in power continuously for more than 2 and half years.

As per Sri Krishna committee on Telangana, Telangana the position of CM for 10.5 years old Seemandhra region held it for 42 years according to the backward regions grant fund for the year 2009 to 2013 backward districts where located in Andhra Pradesh.

Proponents of a separate Telangana state feel that the agreements, plants, and assurance from the legislator and Loksabha over the last 50 years have not been honoured, and as a consequence Telangana has remain neglected, exploited, and backward.

They are like the the exponent to remain as one state that has proven to be a futile exercise and The Separation is a best solution.

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