TSPSC: Telangana Movement from 1969 to 2013


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1997 to 210:

Announcement of Bifurcation and subsequent rollback:

2010 Srikrishna Committee: 

Release of Report and report and summary of Findings:

Solutions Proposed:

Reactions to the Report:


Non Cooperation movement and Million March:

Mass Resignations:

Sakala Jannual Samme:


Telangana March:

All Party Meeting In December:


Chalo Assembly:

Congress Core Committee Meeting:

Congress Working Committee CWC Resolution on Bifurcation


Cabinet Approval of Telangana State

Events Leading to the Formation of Telangana Formation of Group of Ministers.

Legislative Proceedings:

6th December 2013

11th December 2013

NOTE: the above content has been sourced from news and articles and it can only be recorded as opinions of a few people rather than solid facts.

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